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• Grade 7 Templates

The projects in the book Using MusicTime Deluxe with Spotlight on Music require the use of templates. These templates are MusicTime Deluxe documents that have all the preliminary "set-up" steps already completed up to the point where students need to make creative or cognitive decisions. They include such things as the correct number of measures or staves, key signature, meter signature, and instrument sound, depending on the needs of the project. Templates prepared ahead can save time and greatly shorten individual turns at computer workstations.

You may download these free templates or create them yourself from the directions in each project. Once downloaded or created, these templates can be saved, stored on your storage device, and used year after year.

When a student or group gets to the computer during a project, they can perform a Save As... and add their initials or assigned number to the given title of the template, and proceed on their copy of the document.

The list of file names below has been archived into a single download for Mac users and a single download for Windows users. Mac users will need StuffIt Expander® to download the file below. Mac users click here to download the latest version of StuffIt Expander®.

Once you have downloaded the files, you will want to save them to use with MusicTime Deluxe.

Mac users click here to download the Grade 7 files.

Windows users click here to download the Grade 7 files.

File Name Project
ResDRM.MUS Change to an Accompaniment,
page 62
RESDRMS.MUS From Melody to Rhythm, page 63
DRMSL.MUS Melody Plus Accompaniment, page 64
DRMSLD.MUS Make a Melody with High do, page 65
SPIRIT.MUS "Spirit Medley" Rhythm Pattern,
page 66
DRMFS.MUS A Recorder Melody in G, page 67
Come.MUS "Oh, Come Sing a Song," page 68
Uyai.MUS "Uyai Mose" Percussion Parts,
page 69
Castle.MUS Castle Accompaniments, page 70
Mardi.MUS Bass Clef Chord Roots, page 71
Hal.MUS Hallelujah Chorus Themes, page 72
Clap.MUS Phasing a Rhythm, page 73
Tears.MUS Recorder Accompaniment, page 74
Sym9.MUS Theme from Symphony No. 9, page 75
Zudio.MUS Part of "Zudio," page 76; "Zudio Rhythm Accompaniment, page 77
Jump.MUS Two Percussion Patterns Together, page 78
Batuq.MUS "Batuque" Rhythm Patterns, page 79
We.MUS "We Shall Overcome" Parts, page 80
Kye.MUS "Kye Kye Kule" Parts, page 81


Please note: You must have MusicTime Deluxe installed on your computer to access and use the above files.

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